This section includes information that will help you and your family create a meaningful funeral experience that
both honors the life of your loved one and starts you on the path to healing from your loss.

    Should this nickname be used in the obituary?


    Date of Birth

    Marital Status

    Never MarriedMarriedDivorcedWidowed

    Date of Marriage

    Date of Death of Spouse

    Date of Entry into Service

    Date of Exit of Service

    Is DD-214 Available?
    (Required for flag or military honors)


    Would You like a flag for the casket?


    Would you like military honors?



    Please note that no specific times or locations can b e set until a funeral director works out arrangements with locals churches or ministers.

    The answers to these questions will help us assist you during this time of need. Please call us at 229.377.1414 to let us know you have submitted this vital information.